Sky River Casino

With Sky River Casino slated for opening in the second half of 2022, our goal is to develop a brand identity that looks and feels more authentic to the ethnic target audiences. The brand will visually communicate to guests in a format that demonstrates how the property is culturally sensitive by their appreciation and understanding of the traditions and heritage of Asian communities.
We anticipate that many situations will surface where the General Market brand and the Asian brand may be either used in conjunction or independently, and have developed the brand within this parameter. When viewing a campaign, collateral or advertising initiatives developed for the Asian market, we want the customer to immediately recognize that it falls within the “Sky River brand” umbrella of materials, but specifically caters to the individual Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino & Southeast Asian guests.

Brand Identity

A Chinese name and icon are the foundation of the entire Asian brand identity. The way the logo/brand is developed speaks to all Asian people in a way that identifies the essence of what the property embodies. Since Sky River has selected 天河 as their Chinese name and the Vermillion Bird as the auspicious icon, the following concepts will portray the look and feel of the two identities combined.

Additional Color Options

The Sky River Asian logo will exist in 4 colors – Gold, Silver, Charcoal, and Main. Gold and silver are considered colors of wealth, fortune and luxury in the Asian culture. Using the colors from the Sky River loyalty cards, we created additional color options for more versatile design usage.