Mission Statement (Our Philosophy)

At iGraphix, our mission is to create “The Experience”. Developing and implementing offline and online strategies, interactive features, and innovative online experiences that deliver high impact results. Good brands are always visible, but premium brands can only be “Experienced”.


To Capture An Experience Is An Art
From concept to completion, we deliver consistent brand value to all your print collateral, display ads, and graphic advertising. We create stories that you want to share, advertisements that capture experiences, and messag with full understanding of cultural tones and forms of expressions.


Experiences Are Meant To Be Told
We write with purpose and advertise on target. We find the right words, the appropriate cultural expressions, and the precise translations to tell your story. We provide multi-language content and professional translations in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Tagalog, and other languages by request. We offer a full array of content services from audio and video scripts, body copy for print, brochures, and press releases.


Experiences Are Amplified
Elevating your company's brand experience with TV commercials and radio spots will deliver a distinctive emotional experience that your audience misses from the usual print or online banner. As your media coordinator and production resource, we will determine your target audience and negotiate the best cost-effective way of reaching them.


Positive User Experience
A successful campaign creates an experience that extends beyond the traditional medias to reach a more global market effectively. Using more direct channels to reach your audience is key to improving customer engagement and overall brand experience. We help determine the best course for your advertising needs.

Social Media

Experiences Are Best Shared
Social media has become the brand experience. Instead of companies speaking to their consumers, customers are engaging each other in conversations about your brand. By taking your campaign directly to your audience, your brand is shared and experiences are related. These are your branding moments. Let us create those experiences that your customers can't want to share.


In Search Of New Experiences
Positioning our clients' brand is top priority. Being current and up-to-date about related industry news is what gives our clients and us an edge for success. With collective research and systematic development we are consistently producing competitive ideas and fresh relevant work.


Upgrading Those Experiences
We determine the optimal media platforms for your advertising objective. With keen insights and attention to details, we can grow your reach in any market segments. Our well-established relationships with hundreds of media groups are what ensures your business receives the maximum exposure and achieve the greatest results. We maintain the media relations, so that you can continue to grow your business.


Experiencing More Together
We create connections through shared experiences and meaningful interactions. Engaging your customers with new and unique experiences will allow for authentic responses and memories that will resonate with them. Whether it's a brand launch, press event, concert promotion, or conference, all details are organized and resourced by the professional team here at iGraphix.